• Kontrack is a holding company from which ten executive arms emerge.
• Fifty years of experience qualifies Kontrack to penetrate the real estate market and forcefully.
Contrack Urban Development is preparing to launch its first business in Amez and the most vital location in the new administrative capital, as Kontrack seeks to be one of the strongest companies investing in the new administrative capital.

Contrack Urban Development has succeeded in forming a large portfolio of land in the new administrative capital in its most prominent locations, aiming to establish a series of diversified, distinguished and strongest projects in the administrative capital, in addition to the serious study of implementing other projects in coastal cities and fourth-generation cities in line with the state’s policy and development plans.
In the interest of the company to participate in the process of development and renaissance that Egypt is witnessing during the era of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and his strategic plan, which aims to expand geographically through the establishment of fourth-generation cities, and from this point of view, the company plans to diversify its portfolio of projects; To suit the real estate market changes during the coming period with the diversity of the real estate product (residential, administrative, educational, commercial, medical and hotel) in the administrative capital as well as coastal cities.
The company is also always keen to take advantage of good opportunities in new markets in order to lead the real estate market, whether in new urban communities or fourth generation cities; It also decided to expand in the administrative capital because it was convinced that the capital market is “emerging and promising” and includes many opportunities that can be exploited. The company’s future plan relies on studies it prepared to achieve advanced implementation rates in its projects to provide a strong real estate product that matches what the company has provided during fifty years of achievements, which it has gained Through it, the market has confidence and that at the present time the market needs a “strong developer” who possesses the tremendous technical and engineering capacity that helps it to establish such projects, and this is what is available in Kontrack.