Who We Are?

It is an Egyptian company, one of the companies of (ABDELLAH SONS COMPANIES) for infrastructure and integrated works whose experience goes back to more than fifty years.

The company works in all types of contracting:

  • Integrated buildings, foundations, metal structures, industrial facilities and road works Tunnels, Helipad, tunnels, bridges, and railway works, as well as water and sewage stations and networks, gas and fuel networks, and public works, Irrigation stations, marine and drainage works, dredging, land and well reclamation.
  • As well as electromechanical and electronic works, power current networks, elevators, and all types of maintenance such as maintenance of archaeology , roads, bridges, tunnels, sewage stations and networks sanitary, water, lifting stations, treatment and maintenance of landscapes.

Chairman Message

Distinguished corporate management in the era of administrative, structural and information progress.

You must be aware of the importance of the relationship between it and all levels of its workers and the keenness of this administration to protect their interests and rights and their participation in the distribution of rights and responsibilities to the various administrative, financial, technical and executive sectors, and work on the need for disclosure and transparency in the publication and clarification of all the facts related to the private administration and clarification. The results of those facts were negative or positive, even if it was the full legal responsibility of its board of directors… in order to activate the partnership of all workers in the service and management of the company and in the full sense of bearing responsibility, which is the basis of all success and progress, and it is not any look.

No success without assuming responsibility until this company becomes a presence in the competition and issues the scene in a permissible position in the Egyptian market.

Choosing the appropriate timing to disclose the existence of crises is more important than the existence of the crisis itself, and with the emergence of many axes in crisis management, but the love, respect, mutual appreciation and responsibility among all employees of the company is sufficient to lead to good results in light of the current circumstances… And this is what we have gained for years. From our management of the Abdellah Sons Group for the basic infrastructure and integrated works, and these are the words and the firm.

The founder of this group was the late Hajj / Abdellah Mohammad Mahmoud, may God have mercy on him.

Qontrac for Urban Development is an associated and affiliated company of this group that will take the same approach and management and bear the professional and national responsibility to change the service map of the contracting sector in Egypt.
And God is the Grantor and Helper
Chairman of the Board and Managing Director

Eng/ Daker Abdellah

Our Team



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    CEO & Founder

    CEO & Founder
  • Hany Abdellah


    CEO & Founder