At YARU, we thought about all the details that make you happy and comfortable, and the most important of these things are

Surveillance Cameras:

the most important thing for you is to be reassured and feel safe all the time. There are surveillance cameras in all the streets and entrances to the units, and they work 24 hours a day.

Restaurants and cafes:

Of course, one of the most important needs for many of us is food, and in YARU residence you will find a gathering of international restaurants and cafes with all kinds of food that you can imagine

Clubs and swimming pools:

To ensure that you will spend the best time with your family and friends, a large social club has been established with swimming pools and gymnasiums inside YARU Residence compound

Sports areas:

The compound also has many areas and places where you can practice sports, which are special tracks for cycling and special tracks for running and walking among the green spaces.


The infrastructure in YARU is very developed and modern, in addition, 50% of the roofs are equipped to generate solar energy